Alien Milling Technologies Expands Offering with S.I.N. Screws from SI
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Alien Milling Technologies Expands Offering with S.I.N. Screws from SIN 360

Alien Milling Technologies, known for its innovative solutions in dental milling, is now broadening its product range with the introduction of S.I.N. Screws from SIN 360. Specifically, the addition of SIN PRH 30 screws marks a significant enhancement to their inventory, catering to a diverse range of dental restoration needs.

The SIN PRH 30 screws are notable for their precision and reliability, making them an ideal choice for dental professionals looking to optimize their restorative procedures. These screws are available for purchase individually, allowing for flexibility in quantity and application depending on specific project needs.

In addition to individual sales, Alien Milling Technologies offers these screws as part of a comprehensive package with Full Arch Hybrids, including the advanced Alien iBar. The iBar is designed for full-arch dental restorations, providing a robust foundation for implants. 

Moreover, Alien Milling Technologies provides design services where they design Full Arch setups specifically for the SIN Screws. This service ensures that dental professionals can obtain a perfectly tailored framework that maximizes the benefits of both the screws and the arches. 

This strategic partnership with SIN 360 allows Alien Milling Technologies to offer their clients not only top-quality products but also comprehensive solutions that address the complex needs of modern dental workflows. By integrating SIN PRH 30 screws into their offerings, Alien Milling continues to lead the way in dental technology, providing innovative solutions that advance the field of dental restoration.

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